From 2024, all of our products will be ORGANIC COTTON, wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

All plastic free! 


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Pads and Tampons Organizer Organizer
Period Dispenser/Organizer
Stainless steel
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Introducing our compact and functional tampons and pads organizer, made from durable and high-quality plastic. This organizer is perfect for personal use, small bathrooms, and other spaces where storage is limited.


Our organizer is designed to hold tampons and pads of various sizes, making it a versatile solution for all of your feminine hygiene needs. The compact size of this organizer makes it easy to store discreetly in a purse, bag, or drawer.


The small size of our tampons and pads organizer makes it a convenient and space-saving solution for any bathroom or personal space. Its plastic construction makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your feminine hygiene products are always organized and accessible.


Overall, our tampons and pads organizer made of plastic is an essential and practical addition to any personal or shared space. Durable, functional, and easy to use, it's the perfect solution for keeping your feminine hygiene products organized and within reach.

£ 10 


We'll provide your monthly supply of high quality pads on your organizer and dispensers.