The company was formed in 2018.


Sunita Mehta started her career at 140 London Wall Street as a trainee stockbroker.

She was the first woman to pass her exams at a firm, of approximately 100 men. They had so few women in the company that the toilets were separated into junior brokers/senior brokers. So Sunita and the few ladies that worked at the firm had to use the one (disabled) toilet in the firm's main entrance. This meant having to walk through the office with the little toiletries bag that all ladies have, or a pad stuffed up her sleeve.

This spurred the idea/common sense thought, that period products should be readily available! In toilets!! Where you need them!


Years later at a party, a friend whispered something in her ear. So she asked her to repeat herself. This happened a couple of times until she heard, “Do you have a tampon on you?” Her answer was no, but again this re-ignited the idea that period products should be available in the toilets- where you need them! When you need them! This made Sunita determined to make this happen. 


Anywhere this is toilet paper, there should be period products!


With her 3 family members, MehtaFour was born!

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